Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vote for God Jacobson

Interesting thought: If a guy named God Jacobson ran for political office in the American mid-west, would you vote for him?

Keep in mind that to not vote for him would be to "vote against God."

Even better: If a politician named God Jacobson got elected, and then assassinated, how would people reconcile themselves to the next morning's headlines which would likely read "God is Dead," or "God Assassinated"?

What if We're All the Same Person?

I'm sick today. I left work early due to the constant stream of mucous leaking from my nose. My co-workers weren't appreciative of my "market moving" sneezes, so I decided to leave.

On my way home I had this random thought when I saw a shabby looking homeless lady (whom I see everyday on my way home) and thought: "what if the human race is really just one consciousness that lives out the lives of each person on the planet one at a time?"

What I meant by that was: "What if that old homeless lady is me, or, my consciousness, at a different point in time or development?"

Seriously, as drippy as I feel right now, how much worse (or better?) would my life be as a run-down homeless, shoeless, old lady who struggles for an existence in the desert heat of Tel Aviv? But just think of it: if every human is the same consciousness moving from body to body one by one, as a cocoon for something more important, then what does that say about how we treat each other in the here and now?

How much different would I treat those around me if I understood that those people ARE me at some other phase of conscious evolution?

Hello World!


My name is Logos, and by that I mean my name is God Jacobson, and by that I mean the author who created this website has decided that God Jacobson sounded like an interesting name for the nom de guerre of the nom de guerre "Logos."

Honestly, it doesn't matter what my real name is, only that I have decided to start a blog. That's where we are now. So, Hello World!

The point of this site is mostly as a personal journal of the random thoughts I have throughout the day... most of those thoughts refer to religion, spirituality, the meaning of life and so on.

I currently live in Tel Aviv, Israel, but I'm not Jewish or Israeli. I'm American and I come from a Christian family of a Southern Baptist persuasion, even though I would call myself a non-theist. My spouse is Israeli, which is why I live here. You could say I'm between the ages of 20 and 40, that I have a graduate level education in history, I speak English and Hebrew (albeit badly), and I like Mexican food.